A Little Bit ‘Bout Basketball

2016 NBA All-Star Game

Generally, Basketball is one ow the world’s most popular sports. And what interesting, NBA (National Basketball Association) players are known to be the world’s best paid sportsmen!

However, this super cool sport was born in the US over 100 years ago. To be more precise it was in 1892. Then, some PE instructor in one of local school in Springfield wondering what to do with the students in some rainy day has come up with the game.

He’s written down the rules and soon not only his students were playing Basketball but all the students from the Springfiel’s schools! Well, the game turned out to be a total hit in the whole Massachusetts. Firstly, they played basketball using a soccer ball. The game has quickly spread throughout The United States as well as the whole Canada.

Kobe going out in style at NBY championshop, 2001
Kobe going out in style at NBY championshop, 2001

Not until 1898 was the first National Basketball League formed. Finally the discipline started to be sponsored by USA’l colleges and universities including Yale University, New York University, University of Colorado and so on. Today, unquestionably, this is the most popular sport in America. Every high school fields a basketball team.

Regularly they organise competitions and championships. Regarding professional basketball, the first association – BAA (Basketball Association of America) was formed in 1946. Later, there was the National Basketball League and finally National Basketball Association (NBA). However, regarding international Basketball it’s worth to have a clue about FIBA which is International Basketball Federation that has been working since 1932.

Though Basketball seems to be rather men’s sport, there are also many women playing. That’s it. I mean obviously it’s very very short basketball history description but it should give you some kind of sense of the game that so many people love.