Russia’s Loosing Their Players

It seems Timofey Mozgow – the most important member of the Russian Basketball team is not gonna come back soon to the game. His not so serious (as it seemed firstly) injury that he’ve got about 2 weeks ago during Russia-Canada battle turned out to be a critical values.

Most probably the Russian star will have to change plans for the common season. The media are reporting that Mozgow has suffered really hard during the last fight and possibly he may never come back to Basketball. This is very black scenery but everything is possible.

The history shows that there were really big players that because of some ‘not-so-serious’ injury had to give up the sport. That’s really sad story especially since the player had been in excellent form before! Rumour has it the 29-year-old Timofey is going to undergo a long surgery, however his agent is denying explaining Mozgow needs only a short term rehabilitation.

Mozgow and P. Denis, Monteral 2003
Mozgow and P. Denis, Monteral 2003

Well, nobody knows the true. It the worst gossip turn out to be true the former star of the Russian Basketball team would be in hopeless situation. Most probably he would lose all the contracts he’ve got so far straight off. Some guess the Mozgow’s agent’s assurances are only a wind-up in order to maintain the contracts. Nobody knows how long the secret will be kept. One is certain. Very soon the whole secret’s gonna come to light.