Few words about me

Hi guys. This is Remy. For 7 years I’ve been playing basketball professionally. Due to a serious injury I had a few years ago I had to give up the passion of my life.

On the beginning I couldn’t handle the hollow in my life but quickly I have picked myself up and decided to stay involved in this sport anyways. That’s why I’ve set this blog up, to share with you guys my opinions about different teams, matches and so on. Never I thought I could be a sports commentator but why not try it? Now when I cannot do what I loved the most I watch this by.

You know, sometimes in the human’s life comes a time when you must resign something. Sometimes it’s not very important and sometimes it’s the most important part of your life, but what can you do? Nothing. Not everything do you can plan. Not everything is possible to schedule. Often you just need to accept what the life’s bringing to you. Many years ago I was a buddy basketball, but during one match I was pushed by another player. I’ve fallen down and I could get up!

That was the most terrifying experience in my life. Never again did I stand on the playing field. Never again did I play basketball. That has totally changed my life. But am I unhappy now? Of course not! I am happy because what I’m doing is closely linked to the basketball. The only difference is it’s much less tiring!;)

Me in action, 2007
Me in action, 2007